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Explore your Relationship with Ambition

  • What is the role of ambition in our lives and careers?

  •  Is it a help or a hindrance to fulfilling our potential?

  • Do you have to push not to miss the boat and is there even a boat?


In this workshop we take time to look at the role of ambition in fulfilling our potential. Much of our current education system and career advice focuses on a philosophy that suggests that the world is random and that the only way to be successful is to go out and make it happen. The more that you are “in the game” the greater the chance of success and the more you strive and push the greater your success will be. But is this accurate? Much of this philosophy is generated by fear and the need to control our destiny. We see our lives and careers as something to be planned, organised and controlled. Yet, if we examine our lives carefully it is clear that we are not in control of the events and people which influence them. If we start from this premise then we begin to reflect instead on the nature of our lives and the patterns and themes which are emerging. Seeing ourselves more like a natural phenomenon such as a seed growing allows us to work with our own nature and the nature of life rather than being driven by a need to control something and the fear that we are somehow going to “miss the boat”.


As part of the workshop, we will share a number of ways of looking at our development and potential in order to understand our own nature and the nature of life so that we can work with it to create the conditions in which we flourish. The workshop will be facilitated by Nick Oakley-Smith and Steve Knight.

Date: TBC (enquire)

Location: Crackstone Barns (Heartshore Stables), Minchinhampton, GL6 9BD

Time: 9.30pm-4.30pm (refreshments provided)

If you have the necessary ambition to be part of this workshop then please contact Luke on 07825 772235 or at If you are completely lacking in any ambition then you can just turn up on the day if you feel like it.



The workshop cost is £50

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