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Astrology Workshop

Astrology provides a unique framework for deeply understanding our personalities and the way they naturally

operate as well as providing insight into what is on the agenda for us in life generally.


Over the course of the day we will look at the themes and archetypes at play in your astrological chart and the implications of them for how you approach your life and the relationships with people around you. In particular we will look at what we can change and what we might have to accept about own natures. We will use myth, some astro drama, contemporary science and other media to explore your personal chart and understand the evolutionary challenges you face.

Our approach is based on the idea that the chart represents our unique cosmic software and that, in this sense, every chart is perfect. It is a developmental prompt, providing each of us with an opportunity to bring consciousness to bear and play our role in the evolution of life as a whole.   We are all a unique shape and we have an opportunity this lifetime to explore and express fully who we are.  Astrology provides invaluable insights for this journey.

Some accommodation is available for an additional fee and can be discussed with Luke.

Nick Oakley-Smith trained with the Faculty of Astrological Studies and is a speaker at the Astrological Association conference as well as at local astrology groups. and has written articles for the Astrological Association journal.  He runs the Bath Astrological forum.

Date: 3rd March

Price : £40

Timings: 9.30-4.30pm

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