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Coaching Workshop

  • How do we make shifts in our understanding and perspective?

  • How do we respond to the challenges that we face?

  • What causes us to get stuck in “black holes” where no matter how hard we try and think about it we remain stuck?

Our approach is informed by over 30 years each of coaching others in organisational and private settings.  We will share a range of approaches and perspectives and apply them to your own experience in order to understand how we learn and create insights for ourselves and others.  We will draw on a range of influences from Tim Galwey's Inner Game, through psychology, eastern thought and modern neuroscience to consider how we make breakthroughs in our understanding and how we skilfully help others to make breakthroughs and shift their perspective.  We will also use our horses as a tool for reflecting us back to ourselves and coaching each other.


The workshop is very practical and interactive and we will explore and use the current challenges that you face in your life to bring to life the perspectives and approaches.

10-11 May 2019

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